The Predictive Index® System

Pricing of the Predictive Index ®

As with any consulting engagement the price depends on a number of factors.

I want to provide some basic guidance for those curious about what is involved in getting set up with a leadership system like the Predictive Index®, however the final investment will need to be determined on a case by case basis, depending on the companies goals.

There are 3 parts to what we do with the Predictive Index® system: training, assessments software license and consulting.

Part 1 - Training

The Predictive Index® system is based on a knowledge transfer philosophy.

We believe our clients should have the knowledge and capabilities to use the system without the need for ongoing consulting fees every time an assessment needs to be administered or interpreted. Thus we have a two day executive training program where we train our clients to interpret the results of the assessments and use the information strategically as a business intelligence enabler.

This gives the client two distinct benefits; first PI clients can use the system as much as needed. The PI system is priced as a software license based on headcount. Once the license is purchased the company can use the software as much as needed for the employee positions covered under the license. This one price feature encourages clients to gather more data on employees, applicants and key customers to provide a growing pool of information to make better business decisions.

Second, because clients are trained to use the assessment in a variety of leadership and management areas, they become fluent in using the system well beyond hiring. It becomes a type of language that managers use to understand their people and lead based on the behaviors and needs of the person, the position and the overall requirements of the organization.

The result, is better employee fit to position, higher performance teams, and a more engaged and productive workforce.

The Predictive Index® leadership workshop is an intensive two day executive training program. The course was previously 5 days and has been shortened down to two days of the highest value topics for today’s leaders.

The course is available on site to PI clients for groups of 5 or more leaders and there are open sessions available monthly in most major cities around the world if additional leaders need to be trained on a one off basis.

The price to attend the Predictive Index® leadership workshop may vary slightly depending on the country and region you are located, the price for Canadian clients is $2,185

* per leader. *add $100 for open session classes.

For more information on what is covered in the Predictive Index® Leadership Training, view this article.

Part 2 - Predictive Index ® Software License

As mentioned above the Predictive Index® system is licensed to companies based on headcount.  All assessments and data are managed through the cloud based assessment system Access PI. Clients are provided one main user name and pass per trained analyst and a one supplemental password for an executive assistant or direct report.

The PI software license provides clients with access to the cloud based system Access PI where the can administer and score an unlimited number of Predictive Index® surveys and PRO job profiles.

This unlimited license allows clients to build their own database of applicants, employees, past employees, job profiles and comparison data. This data becomes a business intelligence enabler to make better selection, promotion and succession planning decisions.

For more info in the Predictive Index® survey click here, for more info on the PRO job profiling assessment click here.

Access PI Screen Shot

Access PI Screen Shot

The pricing for the Predictive Index® software license is based on employee headcount at the organization and is broken down into brackets.

A license for a company of 75 employees would fall into the under 100 bracket which is $5,900 in Canada. For another example the license for a company of 500-750 employees is $12,500.

This may or may not seem like a large investment depending on how the company intends to use the system. Consider for a moment the cost of 1 hiring mistake. Most estimates put it at about 75% of base salary. So for a $60,000 base salary, that’s a $45,000 mistake. The cost savings from avoiding hiring mistakes is just the tip of the iceberg.

Clients gain additional benefits from the data gathered by the assessments

Consider a sales team of 100 sales reps. By surveying the entire group, clients can create a group analytics report for their top and bottom performers. The behavioral data gathered can be compared against any key performance metrics the company tracks. This data can be analyzed and used to develop custom coaching or training programs for sales managers, which leads us to the final part of the Predictive Index® system.

Part 3 - Included and Additional Consulting Support

All Predictive Index® software license include ongoing consulting support provided by a dedicated Predictive Index® certified consultant. This support includes unlimited question and answer support by email or phone, access to past validity studies, and access to refresher training and supplemental PI webinars offered monthly.

All PI clients also have access to the Predictive Index® Worldwide science department in Boston for advanced analysis and validity studies. Basic support is included in the software license; however PIWorldwide reserves the right to charge for complex or time intensive projects.

Additional services are available at a rate of $1500/per day or $800/half day for senior consultant, $50/hour for shared services and include:

  • Advanced PI 2.0 in person training
  • Executive and manager coaching
  • Custom Team leadership sessions
  • Human Resource process documentation & support

Advanced PI 2.0 Training

This training expands on the basic PI training to go into depth on specific topics and provide a higher level of education to key managers, executives and leaders.

PI 2.0 - Advanced behavioral interview strategies ~ $1,500

Ideal for 6-12 leaders per session - Requires leaders to first complete PI analyst certification.

  • Design of a strategic interview
  • How to combine the information from the PI and PRO to develop both standard and custom interview questions.
  • What to look for in responses
  • How to know when to probe for more information
  • How to accurately assess learned skills and job related competencies
  • Includes optional walk through and live example for an actual interview

PI 2.0 - Predictive Index® Mentorship Training ~ $2,500

Up to 10 leaders per session - Requires leaders to first complete PI analyst certification.

  • Advanced training on the Predictive Index®, needs, and motivations
  • How to develop an in-house mentorship program – Pairing mentors and mentees based on behavioral fit and needs
  • Coaching strategies for key employees – customized based on PI profiles

Executive and Manager Coaching

Custom coaching sessions for executives or managers, based on objective behavioral data combined with team performance data.

Coaching for Sales Growth – from $2,500

Ideal for 1-6 sales managers per session

  • How to use the Predictive Index® data as a sales manager
  • Group Analytics Study of top sales rep PI profiles
  • Development of customer PI profiles
  • Coaching strategies to help different types of reps connect with common customer profiles
  • Adaptive communication strategies
  • Includes development of a sales team dashboard comparing PI data to key performance metrics*

Custom Team Leadership Training ~ from $2,500

Customized on a case by case basis.

Example – PI Driver Trainer session for Client in Trucking

Ideal for 6-14 managers

  • Development of ideal driver profile based on analysis of top drivers as determined by managers
  • Basic PI introduction session for driver recruiters and driver trainers
  • Development of strategic interview questions
  • Development and training on new driver on-boarding process
  • Group Analytic Reports for top performers
  • 60,000+ professionals in over 8,000 companies across the world currently use the Predictive Index System to make more informed decisions about their people and teams.

The Predictive Index® System