Helping Companies Hire, Develop and Retain a Higher Caliber of Talent

Our suite of Employee Assessment and Talent Management Solutions give you the information to make the right talent selection, promotion and management decisions.


Stop Guessing, Start Knowing!

Today's top business leaders need to know far more than CV and basic interview information before making a hiring or promotion decision.

With the aid of our Employee Assessment Solutions the Hire Caliber Talent system can provide a 50% or greater, lift in hiring, promotion and management results by identifying the Genetic factors that have the greatest impact on success.

  • Define the Behavioral Requirements of the Role
  • Assess the Candidate for Behavioral Fit on 4 Levels
  • Analyse your current top performers to define what makes them different
  • Measure how quickly they learn
  • Match the complexity of the role with the ability of the candidate
  • PLI measures the "Get It Factor"

Our Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments provide up to 50% more information about the candidate or employee

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  • 60,000+ professionals in over 8,000 companies across the world currently use the Predictive Index® System to make more informed decisions about their people and teams.