Meet Rob Friday, HBA, Certified CFS, PI Facilitator

About Hire Caliber Talent

Founder of Hire Caliber Talent, Rob Friday has been a life long serial entrepreneur since graduating from the Richard Ivey School of Business in 2006 with an Honors Business Degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship.

Rob manages the Downtown Toronto and Greater Toronto Area (GTA) West Region for Predictive Success a member firm of PIWorldWide.

Message from Rob

I started Hire Caliber Talent as a platform to share some of the best information I have gathered over the 4 plus years I have been with Predictive Success and the 10 plus years I have been in business.

With each post added, my goal is to increase the value this site provides to forward thinking leaders. If you have something to add, or don't agree with a position I take, please share your feedback in the comments.

I am constantly trying to improve this site and leadership strategy is a never-ending topic. Please feel free to Contact Me By Email for guest posts, interviews or one-on-one discussions.


My vision for Hire Caliber Talent is to create a resource site for Leaders, Managers, Executives and Business people to share the best practices the following areas:

  • Behavior Based Leadership
  • Personality Assessments in Hiring
  • Job profiling
  • Objective Data in workforce management
  • Leadership strategies for today's multi-generational workforce.


To help managers unlock the true potential of their people by hiring right the first time, and creating a working environment where each person has the greatest opportunity for success and personal achievement.


  • Honesty - Real, candida and honest feedback is at the core of any effective leadership strategy
  • Excellence - If something is worth doing, its worth striving to be the best at it.
  • Respect - Respecting everyone for who they are and appreciating their differences
  • Adaptability - Whether in sales, leadership or day-to-day influencing, adaptability is a fundamental component of today's corporate environment.