Cognitive Ability Testing

The Professional Learning Indicator® System

Do you ever find that some employees just don't "get it"?

The Professional Learning Indicator® measures cognitive ability, making it easy to select the right candidate for the position.

Sometimes matching the right person to the right role goes beyond resume and education credentials. We like to call it the "get it" factor. The "get it" factor refers to an employees ability to quickly acquire and reapply new knowledge.

When assessing candidates based on resume credentials you may see that a candidate has the desired training or qualifications to do the job. However the degree or certification only shows that the person has completed the training, not how they will apply it.

If this sounds like a problem you've experienced, chances are you don't just need qualified employees, you need quick learners and problem solvers.

The more complex and fast moving the role, the great the chance this is the case. Hiring and promoting people who have the ability to quickly learn new skills and deal with complex problems, will give any organization an edge in today’s competitive economy.

The Professional Learning Indicator® gives you an additional layer of information on your next hire or promotion

The Professional Learning Indicator (PLI)® tells you how quickly people acquire new knowledge and process complex information.

The PLI is a 12 minute timed assessment available in 70+ languages. This scientifically validated management tool is culturally neutral and when paired with a behavioral, psychometric personality assessment like the Predictive Index ® gives managers a comprehensive overview of a candidates capacity for success in role.


The Professional Learning Indicator® is the premium choice in cognitive assessments

Since its launch in 2010 the Professional Learning Indicator® has positioned it's self as the world's premium cognitive abilities assessment. Unlike anything else in the market, the PLI generates a unique 50 questions multiple choice assessment via a proprietary question selection algorithm that ensures a balanced mix of question types and difficulty.

This ensures that everyone receives a fair assessment and that no assessment is every the same.

The PLI is displayed over 10 pages each with 5 questions. The test is timed to 12 minutes and contains a total of 50 questions covering 3 categories: numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning.

Upon completion the score is calculated instantly and the administrator is notified.


When you get started with the Professional Learning Indicator® system you will get access to the following:

  • Access to the Predictive Index® and Job PRO® via Access PI our online cloud based system
  • A fast user-friendly, free choice survey format available in over 65 languages
  • Instant access to summary reports of assessment results
  • Behavioral interview questions and custom coaching reports based on Fit/Gap analysis
  • Access to monthly training available in Toronto and around the world
  • Access to group analytics reports to idenfity common traits of top performers
  • Access to 450+ Validation stuides of past behavior based job performance data
  • A dedicated consultant to work with you to get the most out of the Predictive Index® System

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