The Predictive Index® Job PRO System

The first step to hiring the right person is getting clear on what you're looking for.

The Predictive Index® Job PRO survey defines the behavioral requirements of the role

The Job PRO survey is the sister to the Predictive Index. The job PRO survey defines the behavioral requirements of the role.

By clearly defining the "Target", hiring managers have a benchmark to compare applicants against. This provides a very clear and easy to understand fit and gap analysis.

Just as a contractor wouldn't start a construction project without a plan, hiring managers should clearly define their requirements for the role. The job PRO survey is an efficient, validated way to start defining the role.

The job PRO should be completed by between 3-5 stakeholders within the company who have a good understanding of the requirements of the role. The results are captured graphically and a behavioral job description is provided.

Additional options include comparing the PRO to top performers in role, and developing interview questions based on an applicants fits and gaps to the PRO.


The Job PRO is included as part of the Predictive Index® System

  • Over 8,000 organizations leverage the PRO to help with Job Profiling, try a demo today.


When you get started with the Predictive Index® system you will get access to the following:

  • Access to the Predictive Index® and Job PRO® via Access PI our online cloud based system
  • A fast user-friendly, free choice survey format available in over 65 languages
  • Instant access to summary reports of assessment results
  • Behavioral interview questions and custom coaching reports based on Fit/Gap analysis
  • Access to monthly training available in Toronto and around the world
  • Access to group analytics reports to idenfity common traits of top performers
  • Access to 450+ Validation stuides of past behavior based job performance data
  • A dedicated consultant to work with you to get the most out of the Predictive Index® System

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The Predictive Index® Job PRO System