The Predictive Index® System

Are you struggling to attract, retain and develop top talent?

With Predictive Index® you can discover what makes your people tick and simplify your people decisions

Matching the right people to the right roles and keeping them engaged and motivated is paramount to success in today's business world.

Hiring the right person for the role is the first step, keeping them engaged and motivated is and ongoing leadership process. If done properly it can create a sustainable competitive advantage.

If you are hiring for a new position or promoting from within, understanding and matching the candidates motivations, drives and mindset to the role ensures long term success.

Today's job seekers have more interview training than ever before. Companies who rely on a CV and basic interviews are finding it increasingly difficult to separate the good candidates from the "good interviewers".

The result is an under-performing workforce with employees that are disengaged, unchallenged and often just not cut out for the job.


The Predictive Index® System Helps You Set  Your People Up for Success from Day 1

The Predictive Index® System is an accurate, highly validated behavioral assessment that provides critical objective data about the candidate or employee. This scientific data is easy to understand and allows managers to immediately take action to retain and develop top talent.

The Predictive Index® System not only reduces the chances of a poor selection decision, but it provides managers with insights into what motivates and drives each individual. Allowing companies to assemble high performing teams, with team members that complement each other and consistently exceed expectations.

The PI goes well beyond traditional employee assessments, by measuring four core behavioral drives and two additional resultant factors. The core drives are like the behavioral genetics that make an employee behave the way they do.

By comparing a candidates core behavioral drives with the requirements of the role as defined by the PRO® profiling tool, we can provide a fit/gap analysis to make a more informed hiring decision and dramatically increase the chances of success.

The Predictive Index® System develops your managers ability to lead based on their employees needs. By understanding expected behaviors, managers develop their teams to complement each other. We teach leaders how to understand their people. The results, are reduced turnover and increased productivity.

  • Idenfiy what makes your top performers unique and hire accordingly
  • Reduce the time to hire with more focused and productive interviews
  • Reduce onboarding time with new hires that fit the job
  • Plan for succession with objective scientic data
  • Gain an understanding of what motivates your people and keep them engaged

  • 60,000+ professionals in over 8,000 companies across the world currently use the Predictive Index System to make more informed decisions about their people and teams.


When you get started with the Predictive Index® system you will get access to the following:

  • Access to the Predictive Index® and Job PRO® via Access PI our online cloud based system
  • A fast user-friendly, free choice survey format available in over 65 languages
  • Instant access to summary reports of assessment results
  • Behavioral interview questions and custom coaching reports based on Fit/Gap analysis
  • Access to monthly training available in Toronto and around the world
  • Access to group analytics reports to idenfity common traits of top performers
  • Access to 450+ Validation stuides of past behavior based job performance data
  • A dedicated consultant to work with you to get the most out of the Predictive Index® System
  • Predictive Index Pricing for Software and New Analyst Training

    The Predictive Index ® System is licensed based on company headcount and starts at about $4,000 per year for a company of 1-50 employee and includes unlimited access to both the PI and PRO assessments. Predictive Index Analyst Certification is $2,285 per manager and includes free refresher training for life.

    For more Information on PI Pricing and Services offered Click Here. 


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The Predictive Index® System