Predictive Index® Case Study
Validity Study / Quantitative Results
Industry: Financial Services
Position: Inbound Telesales Sales Associates

Top performing sales associates generated nearly ten times the sales revenue over an eleven-month period than did the bottom performers.

Inbound Sales  Job Profile


This statistical analysis is based upon a PI Worldwide® validity study conducted with 82 inbound telesales sales associates.

PI Worldwide validity studies are designed to determine the statistical connections between Predictive Index® profiles and superior job performance.

The quantitative measurement criterion is based on the total sales revenue generated by individual inbound sales associates from January, 2008 to November, 2008.


The client company is one of the world’s largest financial services companies, offering banking, investment,
insurance, and retirement services to both consumers and businesses.


This is an inbound call-centre sales role whose primary purpose is to provide sales and service across a wide range of company product lines, with a focus on consumer savings and checking accounts.

Inbound sales associates have accountability for meeting monthly sales targets and are expected to be familiar with company operating standards, procedures and policies.


The results of the Predictive Index analysis indicate that inbound sales associates with superior sales performance are statistically differentiated by their comparably Higher A Factors (Dominance) and Lower D Factors (Formality).

These top performing inbound sales associates approach the sales process with more self-confidence, assertiveness, independence and decisiveness than do their lower-performing peers.

They are comparably more comfortable with risk, prefer to do things their own way, and are relatively resistant to authority and established precedents or company policies.

For example, when interacting with a potential client, these inbound sales associates will be eager to move the sales process along toward the end goal – making the sale –  in a self-assured manner, confident in their own abilities to motivate and persuade the client to see the value in the company’s products and services.

These top inbound sales associates will place a higher value on elements such as recognition for their own ideas and accomplishments, freedom to act independently and control their own work activities than will the bottom performing sales associates.

Because of their comparably Lower D Factors (Formality), the top-performing sales associates tend to delegate details more freely and flexibly, are less interested in the tactics of implementation, and are more comfortable functioning with fewer guidelines and less structure.

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