This post details the results of a job related validity study of 90 bus drivers. The goal of the study was to identify and validate the ideal behavioral profile for the bus driver position.

The results are used to provide a behavioral benchmark to compare new applicants against, to help identify the best possible candidates for the role.

Job Title: Bus Driver

Job Description:

The client company is municipal transit authority in a large metropolitan city. This statistical analysis is based upon Predictive Index Patterns and performance information supplied by the client company for 90 drivers. Each bus driver is responsible for picking up and discharging riders along a fixed route, as well as providing riders with timely and courteous service.

Study Objectives:

The objectives of this analysis of the Predictive Index patterns of Bus Drivers are:

  1. To determine the Factors (personality traits or constructs) measured by the Predictive Index that relate most significantly to higher and lower levels of performance in the job. (Complete definitions of the Factors are contained in the Predictive Index Management Workshop Notebook. Due to the complexity of that material and the fact that this analysis has been prepared for individuals who have attended that Workshop, the complete construct definitions will not be included in this report.)
  2. To develop evidence of the validity of the Predictive Index in this job classification using the criterion-related validation procedures (evidence of work relatedness) prescribed for this purpose by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Guidelines. This study has achieved these objectives. Many of the statistical relationships between performance and the Predictive Index Factors and Factor Combinations are particularly strong and meet or exceed the EEOC requirements for determination of criterion-related validity (work relatedness). The findings, recommendations, and statistical information are reported below.

Company Information and Performance Data:

The client company is municipal transit authority in a large metropolitan city. This statistical analysis is based upon Predictive Index Patterns and performance information supplied by the client company for 90 drivers.

Each bus driver is responsible for picking up and discharging riders along a fixed route, as well as providing riders with timely and courteous service.

The job performance of each Bus Driver was assessed with the following six criteria:

  1. Tenure Number of years in the position.
  2. Accidents The average number of chargeable accidents a driver had per year.
  3. Absenteeism Total percent of days a driver was absent per year.
  4. Commendations Average number of positive customer comments a driver received per year.
  5. Complaints Average number of negative customer comments a driver received per year.
  6. Infractions Average number of miscellaneous departmental disciplinary infractions (e.g. using a cell phone while driving) a driver received per year.

The data was collected and analyzed for statistically significant correlations. Full Study findings are available upon request. For the purposes of this post I am going to provide the summary of the results and key takeaways.\

Recommended PI pattern, Behaviors and Management Strategies

The following pattern illustrates the Factors and Factor Combinations likely to be associated with the highest levels of performance, based on data provided by the client. On the basis of our analysis, individuals with a pattern similar to this should be considered for selection in this job.

Bus Driver Job Profile

The results of the Predictive Index® survey should always be reviewed by a trained Predictive Index analyst. The PI® report provides you with a brief overview of the results of the Predictive Index® and prompts you to consider many aspects of the results not contained in the overview. If you have not yet attended the Predictive Index Management Workshop™, please consult someone who has attended in order to complete the report.


Bus Driver will most strongly express the following behaviors:

• Driven to protect the company against risk by thoroughly leveraging his background and strictly following ‘the book.’
• Cautious; follows a well-established and proven plan to avoid making mistakes. Does the background research necessary to have proof to support his decisions before he takes action.
• Detail-oriented and accommodating; most comfortable working as part of a well-defined team for which he produces high-quality output and decisions.
• Formal, reserved, introspective, and skeptical of new people; requires ‘proof’ to build trust in new people.
• Detail-oriented and precise; follow-through is deep and literal to ensure tasks were completed in accordance with quality standards.
• Operationally, as opposed to socially, focused. Thinks, in specific terms, about what needs to be done and how to do it accurately and flawlessly; follows, in a literal way, that execution plan.

Bus Driver Job Profile Behavioral Summary

Bus Driver is a very conscientious, disciplined person, particularly careful, thorough, and accurate in his work. He’s exacting and strives to produce results that precisely meet the established goals. He works best where there are clear standards, expectations, reporting relationships and measurements for his work. Bus Driver will depend upon professional training, his own experience, or management leadership, to provide those standards and the structure that he needs for his work.
Given sufficient experience, Bus Driver will produce work of high quality, giving close attention to the accuracy of details. Stable and dependable, he is consistent in his actions, and if necessary, he has sufficient patience to do work of a repetitive nature. He believes in having, and following, well-defined processes and procedures.
Bus Driver is an unselfish person, motivated by a strong sense of duty. He derives satisfaction from doing good work for the company or the team, and he values recognition of his dedication and specialized skill. Bus Driver is a cautious person who takes his work responsibilities very seriously. He does things the established or conventional way, and will make changes only when convinced, with hard evidence, that the new way will be better. In rolling out new changes, he will be very tactical, thinking through exactly how it should be done, creating a complete plan, and having solutions to possible pitfalls. His decisions will be equally well thought-out.
In social terms, Bus Driver is rather unobtrusive and quiet, friendly and pleasant with people he knows well, reserved and polite in meeting new people. His general social behavior is governed by a strong sense of propriety and a concern for doing and saying the right thing. In familiar social and work situations in which he feels comfortable, he is agreeable, helpful, respectful, and very conscious of his responsibilities.

MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES for the Bus Driver Job Profile

To maximize his effectiveness, productivity, and job satisfaction, consider providing Bus Driver with the following:

• Opportunity to leverage his specialized knowledge and experience on a daily basis
• Where necessary, thorough, detailed training in all aspects of his job
• Very clearly stated goals, work expectations, and definitions of work outcomes. When appropriate, Bus Driver should help create these
• The chance to develop experience and confidence in one specialized job at a time
• Stable reporting relationships, including supportive leadership
• Opportunity to protect the company against risk
• Expressions of recognition of his good work and cooperative attitude.

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