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Top Inbound Sales Associate

Inbound Sales Case Study

Predictive Index® Case Study Validity Study / Quantitative Results Industry: Financial Services Position: Inbound Telesales Sales Associates Results: Top performing sales associates generated nearly ten times the sales revenue over an eleven-month period than did the bottom performers. CRITERIA: This statistical analysis is based upon a PI Worldwide® validity study conducted with 82 inbound telesales sales associates.…

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Bus Driver Job Profile

Job Profile | Bus Driver

This post details the results of a job related validity study of 90 bus drivers. The goal of the study was to identify and validate the ideal behavioral profile for the bus driver position. The results are used to provide a behavioral benchmark to compare new applicants against, to help identify the best possible candidates…

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Long Haul Truck Driver Profile

Job Profile: Long Haul Truck Driver

This post outlines the Behavioral Job Pattern for a Long Haul Truck Driver. This job profile was created with input from a top 20 Canadian trucking organization. The description below includes information from the “Predictive Index Summary of PRO® Results” Predictive Index, PRO® Long Haul Truck Driver Job Profile The results of the PRO® should…

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