This post outlines the Behavioral Job Pattern for a Long Haul Truck Driver. This job profile was created with input from a top 20 Canadian trucking organization.

The description below includes information from the “Predictive Index Summary of PRO® Results”

Predictive Index, PRO® Long Haul Truck Driver Job Profile

The results of the PRO® should always be reviewed by a trained Predictive Index analyst. The PRO Reporter® provides you with a brief overview of the results of the PRO®.

If you have not yet attended the Predictive Index® Management Workshop, please consult someone who has attended in order to do a thorough job analysis. For more information Contact Rob Friday by email

Job Profile Long Haul Truck Driver

Basic Job Description for this Profile

The focus of this job is on producing high quality, detailed work based on established standards, Guidelines and procedures. Precise, consistent work output is essential requiring patience and a willingness to handle and complete one task at a time.

The job environment is stable, based on known relationships with people and well-defined processes.

Job knowledge and competency is built through structured step-by-step training and positive, supportive coaching from management and peers.

Communication with others is based on knowledge of repetitive job routines and procedures gained from sufficient on the job experience.

Consistent, error free work based on defined regulations and standards are key measures of job performance success. The job environment promotes steady, methodical work output so that job routines can be completed on time and error-free.

This position is designed to develop a valued technical expert, who, recognized and supported by management and a stable work environment, can deliver quality work on a consistent basis.

Characteristics of the Long Haul Truck Driver Job Profile:

Below are the salient job characteristics, summarized and categorized. For best success, find candidates who thrive in the environment described below.

Pace and Variety of Activities

  • Steady, even pace to promote accuracy and quality of work
  • Repetitive routines
  • Complete set of procedures and tasks completed before new ones are begun


  • Technical/analytical focus
  • Work within established systems, standards, and procedures
  • Communication based on job knowledge and expertise


  • Decision-making within clearly defined job scope
  • Based on defined policies and procedures
    Supported by management

Communication and Collaboration

  • Focused on job knowledge and expertise
  • Helpful, supportive communication with management and peers
  • Collaborative approach in structured job environment

Delegation and Leadership Style

  • Leadership focused on consistent, accurate, quality work output
  • Supportive, non-threatening leadership style
  • Delegation to others when appropriate, using training, coaching and on the job experience

Prepared by Robert Friday Copyright © 1994-2000, 2002, 2005 by Praendex, Inc. All rights reserved.

Next Steps…

The next step in the recruitment process is to assess applicants with the Predictive Index® and compare the results to this behavioral Job Profile.

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